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E-Lyte was founded in 1989 to replicate an electrolyte supplement that was supportive for both sick and healthy bodies. After much testing and formulation, the first product was created, E-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate. The initial product has had wide success for health care practitioners who were treating patients who, according to there blood analysis, were deficient in some of their electrolyte levels. The reasons could be from many causes such as poor dietary choices, medications, disease, aging, etc. The idea was to create an oral supplement that could, in part, re-build the electrolyte levels similar to an IV Ringer’s solution used in a hospitals. Additionally, the interest from the population of active, healthy individuals has been significant. They found that the use of E-Lyte Electrolyte Concentrate helped to keep their performance at a stronger level when dealing with colds and flu, exercise, severe climate changes, stress, leg cramps or the normal rigors of an active lifestyle. We can only assume that the additional electrolytes were the reason.

In addition E-Lyte and BodyBio have added important Liquid Mineral Supplements that are used by health conscious people as well as practitioners. Sold individually or in sets of 8, the Liquid Minerals are unique --- they can all be taste tested to determine need. By our unique sense of taste we can determine which ones we need and which ones we do not need. Determining the ones to avoid is more than significant --- it is mandatory for health. One of the most hidden elements from our effort to supplement is to know when we have had more than enough --- and to avoid that item until we develop more information --- and when to add it back in. Introducing the MTK --- The Mineral Test Kit.

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