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Thanks for visiting us to learn more about ElyteSport. We continue to be encouraged by the enthusiasm that performance athletes have for our product.

BodyBio has been producing E-Lyte (a high electrolyte-content beverage) for the medical industry since 1989. The product has been a core component of our nutritional treatment program for a wide variety of disturbances. We recently became aware that many performance athletes like runners, cyclists, tri-athletes, weightlifters, rowers, and others have been integrating E-Lyte as a part of their training programs. In order to optimally address their needs, we have modified the formula for ElyteSport to deliver the maximum benefits that athletes are looking for.

A key difference between E-Lyte and other sports drinks is that E-Lyte does not contain sugar, sweeteners, flavors or other glucose-based additives. Its ingredients are simply purified water and a high concentration of electrolytes that include, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The lack of sweeteners gives it a somewhat salty taste but there is no other product on the market that comes close to matching its electrolyte content. Since every motion in the body is organized and carried by electrolytes there is nothing more important to athletic performance than properly balanced electrolytes.

Although we can’t guarantee gold medals, we can assure you that ElyteSport will help you to train, recover and perform at peak performance.

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