ElyteSport Success Story

Nicole Freedman

Nicole Freedman, one of the top female cyclists in the world, is an ElyteSport athlete. She represented the U.S. in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney.

Nicole Freedman sets her goals high.
ElyteSport is there to ensure that she continues to achieve them.

Learned to tie her shoes before her 16th birthday

2004 - 1st, stage 2, Valley of the Sun stage race Arizona
2003 - 3rd, Aix d'Angillon to Saint-Marti stage Trophée d'Or Féminin (UCI 2.9.2)
2003 - 3rd, U.S. National Criterium Championships Downers Grove, Illinois
2003 - 1st, TIMEX International CriteriumDowner's Grove, Illinois
2003 - 1st, stage 3, Wendy's International Classic
2003 - 1st, stage 2, Wendy's International Classic
2003 - 2nd, stage 1,Wendy's International Classic
2003 - 2nd, Israel National Championship Road Race
2002 - 3rd, Women's International Challenge Downer's Grove, Illinois
2002 - 2nd, BMC Manhattan Criterium New York, NY
2002 - 1st, Johnstown circuit race - The International Johnstown, PA (NRC event)
2002 - 1st, Flying Mile - Pittsburgh, PA
2002 - 1st, stage 1, Wendys Cycling Classic - Hilliard, OH
2002 - 3rd, Foothills Road Race - Merced, CA (NRC event)
2002 - 1st, Snelling Road Race - Merced, CA
2001 - 2nd place, Campi Bisenzio to Campi Bisenzio stage - Giro della Toscana (2.9.1) - Italy
2001 - 1st - US National Championship Criterium - Downers Grove, Illinois.
2001 - 1st, Martinsburg stage, Tour dé Toona - Martinsburg, PA
2001 - 1st, Berkeley Hills Road Race - Berkeley, CA
2001 - 1st, Athens NON -Twilight Criterium - Athens, GA
2001 - 1st, Hershey Highland Road Race - Redlands Stage Race, Redlands, CA
2000 - 3rd, US National Criterium Championships - Downers Grove, Illinois
2000 - 1st, Four Bridges at Elgin Circuit Race - Elgin, Illinois
2000 - 3rd, BMC San José - San José, CA
2000 - 2nd, Clarendon Cup, Arlington, VA 
2000 - 1st - US National Championship Road Race - Jackson, Miss.
2000 - US Sydney Olympic Road Team


Nicole's Thoughts On ElyteSport:

While only training hard can make me fast, ElyteSport keeps me going fast for a longer period of time.

When I drink ElyteSport before and during a long ride or workout, my normal dip in speed and energy over time, is replaced by solid, strong, consistent and powerful performance. During long workouts my legs get less depleted, recover faster and perform better. Off the bike, my overall energy

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