ElyteSport Success Story

Ron Livingston

Ron is not the type of guy who does anything half-heartedly. His accomplishments in business, athletics, and even community service speak volumes about the type of individual he is. It is extremely fulfilling for the team here at ElyteSport to provide folks like Ron with the tools he needs to continue competing at a premier level. ElyteSport is a core component of his training routine and nothing makes us prouder.

Q: How many years have you been cycling?
A: I started serious cycling and got into racing after my third bout with knee surgery. I'm 6'6" and my sports passion has always been basketball. I used cycling to rehabilitate and the doc finally advised I better stop the hard court if I wanted to continue walking. I've always had a bike, but started racing about 15 years ago.

Q: What is your training routine?
A: Training miles vary although on average I would say 200 miles per week. In the late fall & winter usually 100-150 miles on the weekend. Throw in a couple of spinning classes and some night mountain bike rides. I would guess 200. In the early spring miles don't vary as much but we kick up the intensity. Late spring we start racing and move the long rides to midweek, depending on work. (Work always gets in the way).

Q: Do you have any favorite professional sports figures?
A: I've always tended to be a participant rather than a spectator, although growing up in Pittsburgh it was difficult not to admire Roberto Clemente. He had incredible passion for the game and was very involved in helping those less fortunate than himself. The entire 70's Pittsburgh Steelers team was fun to watch and the city was really a part of the whole experience. They were able to align a very diverse city around a single goal. Julius Erving seemed to have a lot of the same quality's Clemente did, although I was not here in Philadelphia at that time. He was just way above the rest of the league in terms of talent.

Q: Do you maintain any type of special diet?
A: My diet is terrible. I use supplements to help off set my eating habits. Some of the folks at a local health food store have helped me along the way.

Q: Do you have cycling goals you want to achieve?
A: Anything I've had to prove athletically I already have. Cycling is a way for me to keep a competitive edge. My body type isn't exactly optimum for cycling so I use it more for fitness than anything else. I'm realistic about my talent and ability. Through The Main Line Cycling club and sponsors I try to provide leadership to some younger guys. Promotion of the sport and community involvement have been club goals. For instance we promote several races during the year and donate the proceeds to local charity. We've had a race for Habitat for Humanity in Norristown for 4 years running. We've held Century rides for Cancer. More recently we ran a cyclocross race for the benefit of a local schools scholarship fund. After a ride one day, a friend and I were stuffing pasta in our mouths and we were approached by a gentleman who asked us, "Why do you guys ride so much?" My friend replied, "So that we can eat more."

Q: Do you have any thoughts you want to share regarding ElyteSport?
A: There are a ton of products promoted to enhance performance out there. In all my years as an athlete, not just cycling, none have had any noticeable difference in performance. When the folks at the health food store introduced me to E-Lyte you can just imagine what I thought. But being an optimist I gave the stuff a try. The biggest difference I noticed was an ability to perform at a high level of intensity for a longer period of time. I was also able to recover and perform again quicker after using the product post exercise. It works best for me if I drink it prior to exercise and post exercise. I've now started drinking a glass in the morning with breakfast. It didn't make me faster, but allowed me to compete with the fast guys longer than I normally can.

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