ElyteSport Success Story

Todd Migdon

During his high school days, Todd was extremely active and participated on his school’s basketball, tennis and cross-country teams. Those days are almost 20 years behind him now and while his free time has diminished significantly (demanding job, triplets, etc.), his desire for athletic competition has remained constant. He’s a dedicated marathon runner and competes in races throughout the country. For him, ElyteSport has been a “miracle drink” that has allowed him to train and compete well beyond his expectations.

Q: How many years have you been running?
A: I started with cross country competitions in high school. After a sixteen year hiatus, I began training with a routine in November 1999.

Q: How often do you run?
A: I run on average 30 -40 miles per week. When I'm training for a marathon, the mileage ranges from 40 -60 per week.

Q: Do you have any favorite professional sports figures?
A: I don't have a sports idol per se. However, I do have a tremendous amount of respect for All-Pro receiver Wayne Chrebet of the NFL N.Y. Jets. I met Wayne in 1998 and was stunned by his average to small build. I respect how he excels in a sport where men twice his size pale in comparison. To me he displays a lot of heart and athletic resolve.

Q: Do you maintain any type of special diet?
A: My diet is not a complicated one. I try to keep red meat to a minimum and eat as much pasta as possible. Lunch consists of sushi twice a week and angel hair with light tomato sauce twice a week. Snacks are my weakness so I try to substitute chocolate with raisin filled mini-wheats. When I'm training for a race, I merely increase my intake of everything. The diet doesn't change but the appetite is multiplied.

Q: Do you have specific running goals?
A: My primary running goal is to compete in at least one marathon a year with my sister. She lives 2,000 miles away and it gives us an excuse to see each other. So far we are on pace to decrease our times my 10 - 20 minutes each race. Eventually, we hope to run a 3:15 marathon. We are currently at a 3:43. Finding time to train is always a challenge since I am the proud father of triplets. Chasing three little ones around must sometimes substitute for my roadwork.

Q: Now that you’ve had a chance to use ElyteSport for several months, what do you think of the product?
A: ElyteSport has played a significant role in my performance. If my eating habits fall short on any given day, the E-Lyte balances me out. I began taking it on long runs about six months ago. Since then, the fatigue factor has declined significantly. I envision the E-Lyte as lubrication for my joints as I drink it. This also keeps my mind occupied on the long runs and that’s where the real benefit begins. During my first marathon at mile 19 I hit "The Wall." I managed to fight through and finish the race but not without a battle. Even on runs longer than 18 miles the fatigue factor was high before E-Lyte . Now I workout and compete in marathons without ever hitting "The Wall.'' I truly believe that E-Lyte has made the difference and will have a positive impact on any endurance runner.

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