No More Dizziness

The results from adding in electrolytes can be remarkable, especially when your electrolytes are depleted. Balancing your electrolytes is key. When you don't have enough fluids and electrolytes, it interferes with your everyday quality of life. But it takes knowledge before appreciation takes hold as happened with this concerned husband:

My wife, Joan, age 74, has had two hospitalizations in the recent nine months from fainting and falling and has been almost constantly dizzy in varying degrees for several years. During both hospitalizations she was diagnosed with dehydration, low sodium and low potassium which they treated with IV's. This seemed almost impossible since she drinks water constantly and eats a very balanced diabetic diet including bananas. Curiously no doctor has suggested daily replacement therapy or a sports drink. But we decided to try it on our own. Since she is also diabetic, the usual sports drinks were out of the question. We did a modest web search for "sugarless Gatorade" but were unsuccessful with that and other variations of the theme. Finally we did find E-Lyte at a local conventional pharmacy which also specializes in homeopathic treatments. The first employee we asked for a non-sugar electrolyte drink was unsure so he referred us to the pharmacist. He had to search the shelves but did locate the E-Lyte . This seems to be an unusual request and a surprisingly difficult product to locate. Upon arriving home, Joan immediately mixed up a gallon and began drinking two cups a day. The dizziness totally disappeared within the day along with the almost constant faint and nauseous feelings. What a remarkable recovery!

Gail E. Millard
Austin, Texas

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