Sugar Free Electrolytes

By Edward Kane

The body has a high storage capacity for fats (lipids), but a rather meager ability to store glucose. The effort to build up a reservoir of sugar of any kind, ends up, in a healthy individual, as triglycerides or fats, the principle form of energy. In effect, carbohydrate loading makes you fat momentarily, at least, until your next workout.

ElyteSport is a highly concentrated electrolyte drink, higher than any on the market. E-Lyte is used to replenish or rebalance those that are severely electrolyte depleted. Giving a sick patient a sugary drink is never an option. To resuscitate someone after trauma calls for an IV of electrolytes, not an IV of glucose.

ElyteSport electrolytes assimilate at an amazing rate throughout the body, while complex carbs must travel through the liver for conversion, then out into the blood stream to find their way to every cell, and finally locate a glucose receptor to take them in. The two take totally different pathways and are totally different in function. Electrolytes make everything metabolically possible and are absorbed lightning fast. Taking them separately, just 5 or 10 seconds apart, would be enough if the electrolytes were consumed first.

Normally you do not salt sugary foods. Electrolytes are salts and salt goes with meat and potatoes, soups, vegetables, etc. All animals seek a salt source to lick when they feel the need. Electrolytes are put in water for livestock, especially for race horses. Can you put sugary stuff and electrolytes together? I suppose you could but we do not suggest it.

Reaching for high performance however, requires both, electrolytes and glucose. You need electrolytes for everything that happens in the body, all the time. Glucose is needed after you run out of your stores of glycogen, which occurs about an hour or so after you start your workout.

There are those who propose that sweeteners encourage you to drink, to ensure hydration. If you run short of fluids and the fluids are available, there are few that will need drinking instruction. The biotech sophistication of the body is far beyond our current understanding. The only argument that has relevance is, can the athlete carry both while working out and reach both when they need to, which cyclists and runners or any long distance performers have to consider.

The market for drink products is huge, far greater than that used by high performing athletes. And that huge public is where the real market is. There is no way the general public would go for a salty flavored drink. However, they are all watching you, the performers, and copy what you say and do. But it is sill unlikely they would buy anything that wasn’t sweetened. It’s a great big Coca Cola, Pepsi, Gatorade world. ElyteSport is a breath of fresh air in the area of sports medicine with a totally new look at function first and marketing second. For all of you who are after performance, ElyteSport is the only way to go.

Can you take ElyteSport and complex carbs. Sure, just separate them momentarily. That way you can determine what the body wants when it wants it. The body really knows. All you need to do is listen.


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