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While these people come from a wide range of backgrounds -- they all have one very important thing in common: A desire to rid themselves of cramps and improve their performance.

I started using E-Lyte about two months ago. I was having terrible upper leg cramps at night if I even slightly over-exerted during exercise. While I know that my age is playing a role, I don't believe that I should be experiencing these types of cramps so often. It was very discouraging. Then when I saw the ad for E-Lyte , I thought "why not?" I can't believe the difference. I have had only one cramp since starting E-Lyte and I think that happened because I forgot a dose on the day of the exercise in question. I am very pleased with E-Lyte and would recommend it to everyone!!!

Kathleen Dean
Marlton, NJ

First, we received your E-Lyte order and started taking it close to a week ago. You have to know first that 10 years ago I went to the hospital with a strange disorder, a rare illness then, called diabetes insipidus. It has nothing to do with the ordinary diabetes that we know about. Instead, a little hormone that comes out of the pituitary gland stopped being produced. That hormone controls the fluid content of each cell in the body. So my body was releasing all of my body fluid and washed out all of my sodium, potassium and all other minerals from the cells. I was very close to going into a coma before they figured out my problem and got my fluids under control with a hormone substitute. My doctor, along with giving me a prescription, also told me to eat all the salt I wanted (not really an answer at all, but didn't know it then). Then, in 2003, this so called chronic disease went away like it come, and doctors went nuts because it's suppose to be a lifelong chronic disease, and never go away. It probably was related to stress, even though the doctors were adamant that it wasn't. Whatever.

Even with my new health and consuming all the sodium I wanted, from the very beginning of my health problems I had muscle cramps every day. Sleep was sometimes interrupted and cramps could hit me at most anytime. I tried the usual remedies of magnesium, which I read really can help with muscle cramps, but to no avail. Still had cramps.

Then along come my discovery of E-Lyte on your website, while researching muscle cramps on the internet. Wow, and on the first night of taking it--no cramps, nor any since. Not to mention, I slept like a baby for the first time in 10 years.

Thank you E-Lyte !

Thanks for your product, as it's an answer to my needs and more.

Jon McReynolds, Photographer

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E-Lyte , I was an endurance cyclist whose career was cut short. I did it all wrong. I would go for long hard rides in 100 degree weather and drink NOTHING but plain water and plenty of it. I was also vegetarian and following a NO sodium diet. (I was led to believe it was bad for you!) After a couple of years, I slowly lost strength and had no idea why. I just trained even harder and kept pounding the water. I finally had to give up riding due to headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, insomnia etc. My health was ruined and I didn't know why. Then a friend suggested hyponatremia. I began consuming Pedialyte and had the first good nights sleep in years. I also began adding salt to my food, but if I add too much, I get a splitting headache that lasts for 12-18 hours and permits no sleep. I believe I must be extremely depleted because after 2 years of adding back small amounts of salt, I've improved but still have a bloated stomach and lack muscle strength or any sense of thirst. I then came across ElyteSport on google. This has given me the greatest success of all sodium replenishing strategies so far. When I load with a quarter cup, I can go out and ride fairly hard and still sleep headache-free that night, so I'm really excited about the possibility of a full recovery, but I don't want to overdo it. What would you recommend for my E-Lyte daily dosage to replenish sodium levels? Thanks so much for the reply. Rick 41, 190lbs. *

Richard Ciauri
Murrieta CA

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Dear Sirs,

My wife, Joan, age 74, has had two hospitalizations in the recent nine months from fainting and falling and has been almost constantly dizzy in varying degrees for several years. During both hospitalizations she was diagnosed with dehydration, low sodium and low potassium which they treated with IV's. This seemed almost impossible since she drinks water constantly and eats a very balanced diabetic diet including bananas. Curiously no doctor has suggested daily replacement therapy or a sports drink. But we decided to try it on our own. Since she is also diabetic, the usual sports drinks were out of the question. We did a modest web search for "sugarless Gatorade" but were unsuccessful with that and other variations of the theme. Finally we did find E-Lyte at a local conventional pharmacy which also specializes in homeopathic treatments. The first employee we asked for a non-sugar electrolyte drink was unsure so he referred us to the pharmacist. He had to search the shelves but did locate the E-Lyte . This seems to be an unusual request and a surprisingly difficult product to locate.

Upon arriving home, Joan immediately mixed up a gallon and began drinking two cups a day. The dizziness totally disappeared within the day along with the almost constant faint and nauseous feelings. What a remarkable recovery! Thank you so much, E-Lyte . *
Gail E. Millard
Austin, Texas

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For the last 12 months or so I have been having problems with my legs.  At night I would have bad leg cramps.  So finally I went to, not one but two doctors. They both said everything was fine. In the waiting room of the second doctors office was a bike magazine. On the last page I saw your product and ordered it.  All I know is that today I can sleep because I am not having legs cramps. *

Mike Huggins
Dickinson, TX

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E-Lyte has definitely been a part of a huge life change for me. Actually, my internist recommended I start taking your E-Lyte concentrate to help with some of the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - specifically low blood pressure, muscle cramps, intolerance of heat and sun and well, fatigue.

Taking the electrolytes along with daily practice of Tai Chi and a good diet has given me a wonderful energy, I no longer suffer from leg cramps or muscle spasms, my blood pressure is great and I can be out in the sun and heat with no problems - I even went running in 97 degree heat with a heat index of 109 degrees yesterday (I'm literally brand new at running).

Previously, just stepping outside on a hot day for a moment was miserable for me. I'm now rock climbing, kayaking, trail running, mountain biking and going to school to become a Massage Therapist. I know its hot outside, but it just doesn't affect me anymore - my body has what it needs/takes to deal with it. It's an awesome liberation.

Just a year ago I couldn't take a quiet walk for more than a few blocks without getting fatigued and sore, couldn't work or even do volunteer work and any physical activity sent me crashing. Now I can spend an entire hot, humid summer day in the sun rock climbing and I still have energy to burn at night and I can wake up the next morning ready for more!!! *

Thank You ElyteSport!!!

Patricia Joyner
Germantown, MD

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hello E-Lyte , I am a big (6'4" 215lbs) cyclist/rower. I am heavy sweater and prone to cramps. Two saturdays ago I did the Harpoon brewery to brewery ride (Boston to Windsor, Vermont). Was going well until 130 miles and then total leg cramps. Had to walk hills etc. for last 10 miles. I found with a link to E-Lyte and decided to give your stuff a try. It came in the mail just in time for cyclying weekend in Vermont. I was pretty skeptical - 1 oz diluted before a ride?? Saturday was 90+ degrees, 80 miles of typical Vermont hills with seven strong riders. No cramps! Not even a tickle or a hint. Did the 1 oz after the ride. Usually I would at least have to a a couple of "dances" (as my wife calls them) after a ride like that - nothing. Slept thru the night with no cramps, unbelievable. Sunday was just as hot, shorter (60 miles) but tougher hills. (Roxbury Gap and Bethel Mt). Same routine with E-Lyte , still no cramps. One of my buddies cramped up on sat took a dose on Sunday - no cramps! He is a retired merchant marine living on fixed income and is planning on buying a liter - he watches his money so that is quite an endorsement. I don't know if it was E-Lyte or being able to relax and not worry about the cramps but I felt stronger the whole ride. Sat I was the first one back to the place we were staying which included a finish of climbing for 6 miles into the Killington ski area. Great stuff - thanks for making it. One question for you please - how long does a ride have to be before you suggest taking a dose during the ride?

You guys have any t-shirts with your logo on it? I want to tell the world - Stop Cramping!  *

Rick F. Martin
Reading, MA

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I know a lot of athletes use electrolyte replacements as part of their training and performance. I get very intimidated knowing these type of people use E-Lyte because I am not a strength trainer or an extreme athlete. I am basically an average woman, and I'm a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom. I use E-Lyte periodically when I notice that I feel my electrolytes are off balance with having a busy schedule (and sometimes don't always take care of myself the way I should), and the thing I like best about the product is its versatility. First of all, I can put E-Lyte in a variety of fluids of my choice to consume (my beverage of choice is unsweetened iced tea); I'm not stuck with some syrupy-tasting concoction like the other commercial items out there. I like the fact that it doesn't contain any carbs or sugar. As I stated, I'm not an athlete in need of a lot of extra carbs (in fact, I try to restrict "bad carbs" like sugar as much as I have the willpower to do so!), and I worry about my blood sugar, so I really appreciate the fact that E-Lyte is sugar free and doesn't have any carbs. I can choose whether or not I want to put it in a flavored beverage or not, or one with sugar or not, and if I choose to use sugar, I can monitor the amount. Thanks for such a versatile, great product!!!  *

Yvonne McCoy ney Park, IL

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My job demands almost constant physical activity. I have noticed a marked improvement in my energy level since I started drinking E-Lyte over a year ago.

I can't imagine leaving home without my daily supply of E-Lyte , any more than I could imagine leaving home without brushing my teeth. I am not a morning person, but my job demands early morning work. I take a couple of swigs of E-Lyte as I'm driving to the first job site. It gets rid of the morning queasiness and boosts my energy level to the point where I can face the day ahead of me.

As a 40-ish male, I am able to complete an enormous amount of work due in large part to my daily consumption of E-Lyte . I sometimes have helpers half my age, who are in much better shape than me. These guys typically loose steam early in the afternoon while I'm just getting my 2nd wind.

This past summer has been abnormally hot and humid for my region. I am convinced that E-Lyte has helped me make it thru even the most brutal days. *

Rick Winrod
N. Ridgeville, OH

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Why do I use ElyteSport? In a perfect world I would have been an athlete of some sort and use ElyteSport anyway. However life is not perfect. I was born with a genetic mutation disease called neurofibromatosis type 2. NF2 leaves a person predisposed to developing tumors on their hearing/balance nerves, optical nerves, brain and spinal cord. Due to this, I am deaf since age 23 (36 now), born blind in one eye, have a paralyzed right hand, leg weakness. Presently I have several brain tumors (menigiomas) and spinal cord tumors. I do not know for certain what the future holds for me healthwise but I do everything in my power to keep my body free of toxins and balanced by using certain nutritional supplements and electrolytes. Simply put, since ElyteSport is the best, I chose to use that and feel it really helps me in this fight against nf2. * 

Cindy Henrion
Clearwater, FL

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My name is Joe Ailts and I work in the Technical Support Dept. at NeuroScience, Inc. Dr. Eileen Wright referred me to your ElyteSport website. As a competitive distance runner and nutritional graduate student, I must say your development of this product is a complete breath of fresh air. I have searched up and down for in-depth information on the subject of electrolytes as they pertain to high intensity endurance athletes. The body of information is scant at best. Hence the regard I have for your work.

I’m excited to use your product, as I do believe it is the missing link in my nutritional regimen for recovery. I'm disappointed by the lack of importance given to electrolytes in popular products such as Gatorade. The quantity of electrolytes in Gatorade is laughable to an runner that has just lost 7lbs of fluids over the course of a 50 minute intense speed workout (speaking from experience here). This brings me to my question: do you have suggestions for electrolyte recovery in runners that are profuse sweaters, performing daily workouts that result in significant fluid losses?

I have found zero information regarding this subject. Anything you can offer is most appreciated, and Dr. Wright said you would be a great resource. *

Thank you much!

Joe Ailts
Marketing / Technical Support
NeuroScience Inc.
Osceola WI

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