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While these people come from a wide range of backgrounds -- they all have one very important thing in common: A desire to rid themselves of cramps and improve their performance.

My name is Michael H Fletcher from Coral Gables, Florida. I ordered your product (ElyteSport) recommended by two very serious athletes. The delivery was on time but the box had only the invoice and a page explaining about the product. There was no product in the box even though it was properly sealed. Disappointed I called your 800 number and a very friendly and professional lady answered with an immediate solution to my dilemma. She Fed Ex the product the next morning to my hotel in Dahlonega, Georgia and on time for the Six Gap Century I had registered. It was the first time I tried your product and after climbing over 11,000 feet of six mountains in about 8 1/2 hours my legs felt like new. ElyteSport had replenish all the electrolytes used plus more. I know I would have cramped for sure and thanks to your product I had the best ride of my life.

Thanks for your great service, attitude and foremost your true and wonderful product.

Michael H Fletcher
Coral Gables, FL

I just wanted to contact you and thank you for the difference your product made for me in a recent endurance event. Two years ago, I climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington and suffered tremendous cramps at the end of the climb that left me debilitated with sore muscles for a week. It had a big negative impact on my ability to enjoy the climb, and also reduced the safety of my descent.

I just got back from Pico de Orizaba in Mexico (a volcano which is 4,300 feet taller than Rainier) and I used ElyteSport throughout the climb. I had absolutely no cramping during my ascent or descent, and I very little muscle soreness when I returned to the US. I can’t adequately express how much of a difference your product made. I was unable to get an adequate supply of water in Mexico, yet E-Lyte still helped to control my cramping. I will definitely use E-Lyte during all future endurance events I participate in. Thank you!

Brett Faris
Charlotte, NC

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I wanted to tell you about the experience I just had with E-Lyte . I have been adventure racing for a little over a year now. I have competed in approximately 10 races in that time. Without exception I have had cramps to some degree, some temporarily debilitating. I have trained and tried all different pre race and race tactics to avoid this and was unsuccessful. I even went so far as to have my blood tested to see if I was lacking in any minerals. Nothing was working. A fellow adventure racer sent me a link to your web site. With scant days left, I ordered a bottle, somewhat skeptically, I will admit. I received the bottle on Wednesday, before a Saturday race. I drank a glass on Thursday and on Friday night, and one again at 3:30 am before the 4 am race start, taking another water bottle already mixed along with me on the bike. We did a 32 mile mountain bike/ hike-a-bike section that took 6 1/2 hours and went into the upper 80's in temperature. Then we did an 8 mile kayak, and a 10 mile trekking section on foot across the desert. After a full 12 hours of exertion, my calves never even hinted of cramping. It was completely amazing. I will definitely continue to use your product and I have even recommended the night cramp formula to my parents, confident it will work for them too.
I am also interested in knowing if you would like to be a sponsor in any way for adventure racing. This would get your name out in a highly competitive sport that has issues with dehydration and cramping in a fairly common way. I can show you my teams resume if you are interested. Cramping has been such a problem in the past for me it has actually cost is races and finishing places.  *

Thank you again.

W. Hollon Kinney
Scottsdale AZ

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My name is Jacob; I am a martial arts practitioner, and also a diabetic for 12 years. I used to cramp on my muscles since my training workouts are 1 hr - 2hrs long; I lost a lot of my electrolytes. I was looking for a sports drink that could replace my lost electrolytes without all the sugar that is when I began using E-Lyte , it is truly a great drink that gave me what I needed for all my workouts and helped me recover faster.  *

Jacob Montalvo
Harlingen, TX

I was introduced to E-Lyte three years ago (?) by my ski buddy Ron Livingston. Since then E-Lyte has become part of my daily training routine. I am a salty sweater and participate in endurance sports: mountain biking and road biking, white-water kayaking and cross-country skiing. A typical workout is 2 to 4 hours. I train in the afternoon when it's hot in the summer. I am 51 years old, and athletics is more important to me now than ever. E-Lyte keeps me going.

I can loose one to three pounds in body weight during a hard work-out. I use it to boost my electrolytes before a work-out and as a recovery drink afterwards. I notice a marked drop in performance those days I forget to drink it. I don't even mind the taste anymore.

Great product and great service through your website.  *

Peter F. Smith
Clearfield, PA

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I wanted to thank you for totally changing my workout routine. For years I have strived to keep myself in the best shape possible. That includes running, mountain biking, lifting weights and playing basketball. I also happen to be one of those unfortunate types who sweats a lot. As a result, I tend to cramp after long or repeated exercise routines. It was frustrating -- knowing I had the aerobic capability but needing to cut my training sessions short because I would begin to cramp. I tried everything and resigned myself to the fact that I'll just have to tough it out. Of course, this meant shorter sessions and never even think about lifting weights or playing basketball on the same day as a long ride or run. So when I happened to come across one of your ElyteSport ads I had to give it a try. I ordered a bottle and became a changed man. It is exactly what I have been looking for -- electrolytes without the sugar. It works wonders. I can now go long and hard. Cramps are no longer my limiting factor. When used correctly, ElyteSport eliminated my cramping problem. Thank you again for your incredible product -- it is affectionately known in my family and circle of friends as "Liquid Gold."  *



Gregg Wilson
San Diego, CA

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hello E-Lyte , I am a big (6'4" 215lbs) cyclist/rower. I am heavy sweater and prone to cramps. Two saturdays ago I did the Harpoon brewery to brewery ride (boston to windsor vt). Was going well until 130 miles and then total leg cramps. Had to walk hills etc. for last 10 miles. I found http://www.roadbikerider.com/cramps.htm with a link to E-Lyte and decided to give your stuff a try. It came in the mail just in time for cyclying weekend in vermont. I was pretty skeptical - 1 oz diluted before a ride?? Saturday was 90+ degrees, 80 miles of typical vermonot hills with seven strong riders. No cramps! Not even a tickle or a hint. Did the 1 oz after the ride. Usually I would at least have to a a couple of "dances" (as my wife calls them) after a ride like that - nothing. Slept thru the night with no cramps, unbelievable. Sunday was just as hot, shorter (60 miles) but tougher hills. (Roxbury Gap and Bethel Mt). Same routine with E-Lyte , still no cramps. One of my buddys cramped up on sat took a dose on sunday - no cramps! He is a retired merchant marine living on fixed income and is planning on buying a liter - he watches his money so that is quite an endorsement. I don't know if it was E-Lyte or being able to relax and not worry about the cramps but I felt stronger the whole ride. Sat I was the first one back to the place we were staying which included a finish of climbing for 6 miles into the Killington ski area. Great stuff - thanks for making it. One question for you please - how long does a ride have to be before you suggest taking a dose during the ride?

You guys have any t-shirts with your logo on it? I want to tell the world - Stop Cramping!  *

Rick F. Martin
Reading, MA

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I am a mountain biker & road racer from Massachusetts. Two years ago I was having some serious problems with cramps in my quads & calve muscles. It would happen when I was around 20 miles into some 25-30 mile mountain bike races. My legs would cramp badly and sometimes lock up completely. I would not be able to pedal at all and the pain was excruciating. Up until that point in the races I was riding strong and keeping up with the top 10 riders in the Sport Veteran class. I needed some help to cure this problem. It was destroying my chances of finishing the races as strong as I should. I searched the internet for ideas on how I could correct the issue. I found the site www.crampnomore.com and I thought... this link can't be serious?? Well I read up on your product and it made absolute sense for what was happening to me during races. I ordered a 4 pack and it showed up at my door quickly. I used it on a few 75-80 mile training road rides and the difference was real. I felt comfortable through the rides and did not have any cramp discomfort in my legs. I am not saying that I have not had any cramping in my leg muscles since... but that is only when I forget to use ElyteSport. Since I started using ElyteSport I have extra confidence that my legs will be able to handle whatever I expect of them during races. I make sure that I drink a 24-oz bottle of it a half-hour before all the events that I race in. On longer races like the Vermont 50 and the Wilderness 101- I plan a time during the race that I make sure that I down a bottle of ElyteSport so that I am sure it will ward off any leg cramps. I have been using ElyteSport for 2 years now. THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! and has certainly helped me get through some tough races and some tough training rides without leg cramps.  *

Thank You,

Kevin Pickett
E. Bridgewater, MD

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My main summer sport is road riding. I had been using Carbo-gels and water for years during training rides. I ride over 5,000 miles each summer. I was having problems with cramping and energy when a doctor recommended I try E-Lyte . The change was dramatic and quick. Cramping after a ride or later that night was eliminated. My energy level became much easier to maintain and my hydration level was more constant. For rides in excess of 30 miles I usually have one bottle of water with E-Lyte and the other with a energy replacement drink. This gives me the best combination for sustained output and recovery for the next day of riding. I normally do not race but I qualified for the 2005 Pennsylvania Senior Games last year (I am 55 years old) and came away with a silver medal in the 20K and 40K road race. You can be sure E-Lyte was an integral part of my training program. On longer rides up to 100 miles a day the addition of E-Lyte becomes critical in maintaining consistent performance not only throughout the day of riding but the next day and the day after.  *

Chip Kamin
Pittsburg, PA

I wanted to share my thoughts on Elyter. I got hooked on it 2 years ago riding with my friends during a MS150 ride. I always seemed to cramp after 3+hrs in the saddle and some of them kept going with no problem. I purchased E-Lyte and had a dramatic and immediate effect on my riding. I truly felt that my endurance increased and didn't "bonk" like i used to. I honestly haven't cramped yet and I've definitely done some big rides. Being a bigger athlete(255lbs) i use much more water than the average person I workout with, so E-Lyte balances the scales to help my train harder.

I like to surprise my friends on the trail riding mtn bikes as well. At first they respond by saying "why not just use gatorade" well after I show them what's in E-Lyte and no sugar it starts to make sense to them. I honestly bring a bottle with me on every ride and even put some in my hydration pack which is key because E-Lyte won't create a sticky residue. I'm just a recreational athlete but now 65lbs lighter and having a solid hydration plan in place has brought me to the next level.  *


Joe Transue
President, Valley Mountain bikers
International Mountain Bike association State Representative
Walnutport, PA 18088

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I would like to share with you my experiences with your product. I live in Phoenix, AZ (yes, the city that has had 20 heat-related deaths this year.) I have been training for triathlons for the last 7 years, with the last 2 focused on Ironman distances. During the winter months, I didn't have much of a problem with sweat loss, as we had a wet, cold winter. That sure changed during the summer time, though. As I tried to train in the extensive heat, I found I was tired all the time. My coach reminded me that electrolyte loss contributes greatly to fatigue and that I should be very careful with what I used for replacement drinks. Since making certain that I put E-Lyte into my fuel bottles while out on the road, and recently including it in my swim fuel, I have found that I am feeling stronger during workouts and experiencing a lot less fatigue after I am done. It mixes easily and does not upset my very sensitive stomach, something greatly appreciated during my long workouts. I highly recommend your product and have passed it on to many other athlete friends that I have. Keep up the good work, I am taking your product to Kona with me in October!

Please feel free to use any or all of my comments, as they are sincere.  *

Thanks again,

Audrey Glemba
Phoenix, AZ

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Better than chicken soup! When I started training for ultra-distance events, I knew that proper nutrition and hydration were extremely important. I ate well, took all the right supplements, and trained extremely hard. I turned up at my first Ironman with my fuel belt well-stocked, small pieces of protein bar taped to my bike, and of course plenty of water. I was in the best shape of my life and I thought that I was perfectly prepared.

But then something happened at the beginning of the marathon - I couldn't take in any more fluids even though I was extremely thirsty. My belly was distended, I was cramping and had stopped sweating. I couldn't run. I walked for something like ten miles, almost ready to cry. Then a nice woman at a nutrition station offered me chicken soup. "Are you kidding?," I asked incredulously, "Why would I want chicken soup when it's hotter than Hades?" "Trust me," she said. Sure enough it worked and I ran the rest of the way.

I wasn't sure what lesson to take away from this experience. What's so special about chicken? And as much as the soup helped, there's no way I could use it regularly. Then a friend explained to me that it was the electrolytes in the soup that helped me, not the chicken. He recommended E-Lyte . Since I've been using E-Lyte , my performance has improved tremendously! I stay hydrated and never cramp and generally feel great. I just ran my best marathon time and am looking forward to another Ironman next summer.  *

Thanks E-Lyte !

Craig Strong
Assist Swimming & Diving
Bucknell University

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Your ElyteSport is fantastic! It's the only athletic product I know of that delivers exactly what it promises-- No more leg cramps!!

I'm a fifty-one year old distance runner who has run nearly continuously since high school. Running is truly my passion.

However in the past few years I've been frustrated by hamstring and calf pain that I diagnosed as muscle strains. The discomfort subsides after a few days of rest only to reoccur weeks later. The "injury" is never in the same place-- left calf, right hamstring, then right soleus, etc.

I tried every solution I could think of-- sports massages, more specific and frequent stretching, ointments and rubs, you name it. Last year I spent a ton of money on several visits to a local chiropractor. I had to stop running my annual fall marathon fearing that I'd never complete the distance without my chronic breakdown. Was it finally time for me to take up golf or stamp collecting? Thank goodness for the Internet! In my desperation for a solution I spent hours researching human anatomy. Finally, in a state of total dejection I typed "No more leg cramps!" Miraculously you answered my plea.

All of your literature made perfect sense. It became so evident that my diet simply wasn't supplying sufficient minerals to maintain a proper electrolytic balance. I wasn't tearing my leg muscles-- I was starving them!!

Of course you know what happened next. I immediately ordered a bottle of ElyteSport and began using it the day it arrived. Admittedly, it took a while to get accustomed to the taste, but the benefits make me appreciate it like a vintage wine! I store my elixir in half liter plastic bottles and usually drink one on my way home from work before my evening workout. The morning of races or long runs I consume a bottle in the final hour before the race begins. No more leg cramps! Yesterday I ran the Chicago Distance Classic on a hot sunny morning with no trouble at all. It's my first half marathon in a couple of years that didn't end disastrously.

I'm confident that my trip to Washington, D.C. this fall for the Marine Corps Marathon will be a great success. Thanks again for rescuing my running career. Please feel free to use my story in any of your marketing material.  *

Bob Jungwirth
Downers Grove, Illinois

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I have been using E-Lyte for a few years now. Since I have started using it, I have not had a problem with cramps. I advised a friend to use it but he chose to go a different way and had an incident that cost him the ability to run in Boston. A bottle lasts a long time and is a good value for the price. Being 65, I have learned to use E-Lyte for more than just running. When going out on weekend runs on the motorcycle, it helps me stand the 100 degree Oklahoma sun. Also, I feel it keeps my heart more relaxed when running or doing anything that could strain it. I'm not ready to kick off yet. There are more and more things to do. E-Lyte will help me do them.  *

Robert Glisson
Bartlesville, OK.

My race performance in 2003 was characterized by cramps in my right Gastrocnemius (calf) and left Bicep Femoris (Hamsting). Discussions with my daughter (bio major at a university in central NY - team color is Orange), who was studying physiology at the time, helped me understand the importance of electrolytes in making muscles contract and relax. I now use E-Lyte added to water that I carry during my long runs and races and there has been a marked improvement in performance (10 min off my half marathon time, 30 min off the full marathon time).  *

Henry David Hall
Simsbury, CT

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I am a physically active person who gets frequent migraine headaches. My migraines have many triggers, one of which is strong physical exertion, another is lack of exercise. Quite the conundrum, huh? I started looking for energy drinks a few years ago while training to climb Mt. Whitney. I tried several other drinks with no real effect other than a quick sugar rush that dissipated just as quickly. I stumbled across E-Lyte on the internet while searching for a new product and decided to try it. I take it prior to and immediately after my daily work-out and have found a significant decrease in the amount of migraines I get from the work-out. I just bought a case (but could always use 4 more bottles!) to get me thru the summer and continue to introduce friends and family to it. I also give it to my family whenever we are ailing from stomach aches or flu or cold symptoms.  *


Angie Harer
Morgan Hill, CA

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My name is Brian and I am a 48 year old recreational cyclist who occasionally experienced moderate to severe cramping during my endurance work outs, or at least I did until I placed my first order for your product. For example, In 2004 I made my first R.A.I.N. (Ride Across Indiana) cycling from the Indiana/Illinois border to the Indiana/Ohio border. This is a one day/one way cycling ride across the state totaling 158 miles. Southeast of Indianapolis about 90 miles into my ride I experienced debilitating cramping in both thighs even though I was slugging down copious amounts of sport drink and sport gel. I was able to walk/rest them off, but the wave of cramps hit me again just east of Dunreith about 30 miles from the Indiana/Ohio border and then continued on with the ride home that evening. I saw your product advertised in one of my cycling magazines and ordered it in time for this years R.A. I.N. I mixed a half gallon for my aqua pak and carried 8 ounces of the concentrate in my water bottle for replenishing my aqua pak at the sags. Imagine my relief when I sailed through Indianapolis and on past Dunreith and into Richmond, Indiana without any cramping whatsoever. I was ecstatic. Furthermore, there was no cramping on the drive home or that night while sleeping. Thank you very, very much E*Lyte Sport for this phenomenal product. No, I am not a famous sportsperson, but I am a recreational sportsman and very satisfied customer who will continue to keep your sports drink on my shelf at all times.

We don't stop playing because we are old, we grow old because we stop playing.  *

Brian Haehl
Shelbyville, IN

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I am neither an Olympic cyclist, nor a world-class triathlete; however the benefits I derive from the regular use of ElyteSport are no less important or significant. As a former college soccer player and current 45-mile per week runner based in Tampa, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my performance and recovery since beginning use of ElyteSport two years ago. Before using your product, I would be dragging before, during, and after workouts despite drinking plenty of fluids and trying a host of different nutritional regiments. With heat indexes reaching into the 100s throughout the sweltering Florida summers, the use of ElyteSport immediately after my runs allows me to not only replace what I lose but also accelerate the recovery process to allow for a consistently high level of performance day after day. I have tried all types of energy drinks and aids, but nothing rivals the benefits I continue to receive from the use of your product. Thanks for developing a product both professional and re creational athletes alike can utilize!  *

Tim Holt
Land of Lakes, FL

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I am a odd case of un-diagnosable calf cramping and pain. I lost the ability to run back in 1994 due to this very severe crippling. I am forced to wear shoes 24 hours a day to prevent cramping in my arches as well. But I am still able to bike. In fact I joined a race team a few years ago. I still struggled with my disorder and had to lay off road biking and concentrate on mountain biking (I think this is less constant strain on the calves). I have tried every gizmo and supplement known to man to be able to increase my ability to ride and not get into cramping. I have been limited to @ 1 1/2 hours and then I am toast. I then tried ElyteSport on advice from a biking teammate. I have steadily been able to increase my ride times as well as my intensity and maintained the cramping situation to a minimum. I recently was talked into doing a dreaded road ride of 113 miles with 12,500' of climbing. I said I will try it and turn around at the halfway mark if I am having a tough time. I finished the entire ride and while I was riding I told myself if I could finish this ride and be able to mountain bike the following day without being crippled then I deserve I new road bike. Thanks to ElyteSport I am now the proud owner of a Gerolsteiner Specialized Tarmac (the same bike Levi Leipheimer rode in the Tour de France). I can hardly stay off my bikes. I am doing well in the mountain bike racing standings and I am looked at as a threat at the starting line. This is feeling for a competitive guy like myself. I will continue using ElyteSport and I see myself continue feeding my competitive nature. Thanks ElyteSport for my edge.  *

David Stowell
San Diego, CA

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I have battled with severe muscle cramps for years, especially while running and long distance cycling. I have performed literature searches of the medical research on this topic looking for a solution. I have tried electrolyte pills, magnesium, calcium, sodium replacement aids, along with the usual sugary sport-drinks. I have had fantastic results with E-Lyte in minimizing my problems with muscle cramping and have recommended it to friends and patients.  *

Jonathan Laine MD
Truckee, CA

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I have been an avid sports enthusiast for over 30 years. I have had a lifelong problem with dehydration and debilitating cramping following strenuous physical activity. I have seen medical doctors in regard to my condition. In spite of my efforts, I was never provided any medication or found any product that could alleviate predictable and severe cramping and other symptoms of strenuous exertion - until E-Lyte ! E-Lyte has enabled me to participate longer with more energy in the many sports I enjoy, including basketball and cycling, without fear of severe cramping. After curtailing my sports activity because I didn't think I had a choice, E-Lyte has allowed me to again experience the most enjoyable moments of a very active lifestyle. Thank you E-Lyte !" Ed - Your product is really awesome. I had the best results in 3 years after using your product during my Houston to Austin ride (180 miles) 3 months ago to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis in the MS 150 ride, the largest bike ride in the U.S. I also use it while playing golf in the hot, humid summers of Houston, Texas to avoid dehydration. I use it when I have an occasional drink of alcohol to keep me hydrated. I still haven't found all of the uses but E-Lyte has benefited me greatly. Just as an aside, I found that Crank E-gel used in conjunction with E-Lyte has produced good results - something you might look at. In any event, keep up the good work!  *

Best regards,

David M. Smith
Houston, Texas

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I've been a road racer since 1989 and have experienced leg cramping in racing and training. The worse leg cramps are the ones that come in the middle of the night while I sleep. I went to an E-Lyte presentation in the winter of 2002 and began using the product. Not one leg cramp since that time. I did over 50 races in 2002 and 2003. I continue to race and use the product every day.  *

E-Lyte works for me.

Doug Gray
Elizabethtown, PA

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My E-Lyte story actually starts many years ago. I’ve been a mountain bike rider since the early 1990’s. I started racing in 1994 and helped invent my very own racing category – Clydesdale. A Clydesdale racer has to be at least 200 pounds. We big guys were tired of getting kicked around by the small guys and decided to unionize. Here in California our state championship series has had such a race category since 1995. I’ve won the state championship in ’95, ’96, ’97 and 2001. But since then the state series has fallen on hard times and I find I’m a competitor looking for a race.

Two years ago (2004) I pledged my support to a ultra-marathon cycling buddy just months before he decided to race a four man team in the Race Across America (RAAM). I was (initially) happy to help. The race turned out to be a miniature Peace-Corps – the toughest week I have ever loved. In November of 2004 I realized the same guys were going to race RAAM in 2005 and had to do some quick thinking. Should I submit myself to the torture of crewing again or pick the coward’s way out by actually riding on the team? When I considered the 22-hour days involved in crewing, the six hours of bike riding daily didn’t seem too bad.

After talking myself into riding I figured I’d better get myself ready for the kind of racing I would find on a four man team – 20 to 60 minute spurts at just below anaerobic threshold with short breaks. On my first day of training I ran through two 50-60 min time trials with not too much trouble. With an hour off between each effort I readied myself for my third and last time trial effort of the day. Everything was going my way as I hit a 5-minute hill about 40 minutes into this last race simulation. About half way up, as I poured on some gas, my right hamstring knotted up in a cramp so intense that I almost stopped. I managed to nurse myself up the hill and limp in with one very distressing idea – how was I going to manage a weeks worth of this kind of output if I couldn’t even make it through 5 hours of simulation? Up to this point I had trained myself for 90-minute mountain bike races and the idea of eating or drinking anything other than a standard breakfast and water was foreign to me.

As it turned out, a week later I was mindlessly looking through the pages of a cycling magazine and came across a small, simple ad that intimated no more cramping. I looked up the website and started reading about ElyteSport, Ed Kane, and the anatomy of a cramp. I was impressed enough with the literature to order a bottle and put it through some testing. The results have been favorable, to say the least. Most bike riders will tell you than cramps normally come with either more intensity than normal, more duration than normal or both. As I trained with E-Lyte I found that the “sparkles” that come just before cramping no longer occurred. A true test of the effectiveness of E-Lyte , though, was just around the bend. In mid-April of last year (2005) I was invited by my RAAM bike sponsor (Bacchetta) to race in the Bike Across Florida. This year’s route would be 133 miles from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast. I brought along my last bit of ElyteSport and used it all as I calculated a race time of five hours. My hydration policy was perfect – I had consumed all of my E-Lyte mix at the end of the 5th hour. Unfortunately the race lasted another hour. I was terrified to imagine what might happen to me as I put in my best effort in this last hour, but had no alternative but to go on as the race was upon us all. I’ll tell you now that I missed the winning break. The only glory I might salvage would be to win the race of the second group. As I considered my options I realized that racing in the pack had not served me well all day. I also knew that if I were to put in a solo effort the other racers might suck my wheel all the way to the finish line and come around me in a sprint. Nothing really looked promising so I chose my default position – put my head down and grind it out. With about 45 minutes to go I did just that. Up a small grade I started to roll away from the field. At the top only a couple of riders were able (or willing) to stay with me. To my surprise even those two started to fall off only a few hundred yards later. I knew that I would keep this pace to the finish; what I didn’t know is how my body would react after 115 miles and no more fluids. As I kept my effort high I realized my calves and quads weren’t sparkling, they were simply working to capacity. My great fear of paying for a hydration mistake was not happening. As I crossed the line (winner of the race in the second group) it struck me that my ElyteSport not only helped me when consumed, but saved me when I ran out. I have no doubt that a similar effort would be disastrous without appropriate electrolytic supplementation.

I have since ordered a case of ElyteSport and distributed it to my RAAM teammates. Favorable reports continue to accumulate and ElyteSport will undoubtedly be an integral part of our race diet and hydration plan. *

Phillip Plath

RAAM update 9/25/2007
As much as I needed ElyteSport for my 2005 4-man team, I can honestly say that I would have failed in 2007 as part of a 2-man team without the proper mineral supplementation of ElyteSport. During our 7 day and 26 minute race my teammate and I traded one hour pulls as we relayed our way across the nation. Even as I trained several times in 2006 (alternating one hour races with one hour off the bike for a 24 hour period) I doubted my ability to remain cramp free for the week that I would be racing. To my astonishment I didn't cramp once in 84 hours of racing! At the finish line I was incredulous that my plan actually worked. Even as I knew the science behind it, to ride that hard and that long without cramping was miraculous to me.

Thank you ElyteSport for providing the endurance athlete with undoubtedly the most crucial tool for our preparation.

RAAM update 10/16/2009
Good Afternoon. I wanted to give you this update/success story. Of course, I'm still using your product in all my endurance related training and racing. Last week I was up in Portland, OR for my 4th consecutive Race Across Oregon. It's a RAAM qualifier that has all the typical categories: solo, two man team, four man team. I've only raced it as a two man format (in my opinion anything over 200 miles is too long for solo racing, and at 516 miles I consider these races to be too short for four man).

I won it last year with a different partner and was taking a bit of a chance with a rookie team mate this year. He actually turned out to be a good rider and was integral to our victory. It took us about 33 hours to complete the course, and he started having cramping trouble after only 10 hours. He's no stranger to the long miles, I think his pills (whatever his mineral supplementation is) just didn't have what it took. To solve his problem we started adding E-Lyte to his water bottles and imagine: his cramping problems went away.

He finished strong and we won the two man overall. In fact, he was in better condition at the end than any of my previous three race mates. At the finish line he was drinking champagne and looking forward to a shower and post-race meal and celebration. Previously I had to put my partners on ice before they would consider a meal.

Thanks, again, for the superior product

Phillip Plath

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The Testimonials written on this website are written by customers who have used ElyteSport and E-Lyte Concentrate Products. We do not wish to imply that these Testimonials prove the efficacy of our products. The purpose of these testimonials is to provide additional insight as to the experiences of other customers. We wish to clarify that testimonial results stated herein may not be typical. Every individual is different and therefore will experience different results.

Our products and information presented on this website have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Prior to beginning any course of supplement use we encourage you to consult your health care provider. The information presented herein should not be construed as the practice of medicine.


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